10 + RMP Full Form- आरएमपी का फुल फॉर्म

RMP Full Form is Registered Medical Practitioner.

RMP Full Form- In general, RMPs are located in rural areas. the first reason why they might be seen mostly in rural areas is that medical facilities are available to all or any in urban areas, RMP Full Form while the govt has got to arrange different healthcare centers in rural areas to supply the adequate treatment for the poor and backward rural people.

RMP Full Form- आरएमपी का फुल फॉर्म
RMP Full Form- आरएमपी का फुल फॉर्म

1.RMP Doctor Full Form ?-RMP Full Form

ANS: Registered Medical Practitioner Doctor


2.RMP Full Form in Medical ?-RMP Full Form

ANS: Registered Medical Practitioner– आरएमपी का फुल फॉर्म


3.what is the full form of rmp?-RMP Full Form

ANS: RMP stands for Registered Medical Practitioner– आरएमपी का फुल फॉर्म


4.What Does RMP Doctor Stand For?-RMP Full Form

ANS: RMP Doctor Stand For Rural Medical Practitioner

To register as an RMP Doctor, you must possess the required qualification in Allopathic, Unani, Homeopathy, or Ayurvedic related system of medicine. If a person has this essential qualification then he can apply for it in the Medical Council of India.-आरएमपी का फुल फॉर्म


5.What does RMP Doctor mean?-RMP Full Form

As per the Dean Medical Council (Amendment) Act 1956, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is the basic qualification to become a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP).- आरएमपी का फुल फॉर्म


6.full form of rmp- RMP Full Form

  • Duty to exercise reasonable degree of skill and knowledge
  • Duty to attend the patient and examine him
  • Duty to furnish or prescribe proper medicines
  • Duty to offer proper instructions
  • Duty in reference to X-ray examination.
  • Duty of patient to furnish all information related with health to doctor.
  • Duty of patient to follow the instructions/advice given by doctor.
  • Duty to pay fees to the doctor.
  • The patient should have faith within the doctor chosen for treatment.
sr noTermRMP Full Form
1RMPMilitaryInternational Student Identity Card
2RMPLocalLocal Master Plan
3RMPLocalLocal Monitoring Program
4RMPNetworkingRack Management Platform
5RMPMilitaryRadar Modernization Program
6RMPServiceRadiation Management Plan
7RMPPrincessRadiation Medicine Program
8RMPManagementRadio Management Panel
9RMPFlightRadio Management Panels
10RMPTechnologyRadio Management Position
11RMPUncategorizedRadio Marketing Professional
12RMPArmyRadio Motor Patrol
13RMPPoliceRadio Motor Patrol Car
14RMPUncategorizedRadio Mounted Patrol
15RMPUncategorizedRadiological Monitoring Plan
16RMPUncategorizedRadionuclide Migration Programme
17RMPProgramRadon Measurement Proficiency
18RMPLocationsRajshahi Metropolitan Police
19RMPCompanies or OrganizationsRalph M. Parsons Company
20RMPAirport CodeRampart Airport
21RMPUncategorizedRandom Male Player
22RMPJurisprudenceRandom Match Probability
23RMPEducationalRandom Matching Probability
24RMPUncategorizedRandom Mod Players
25RMPUncategorizedRapid Message Processor
26RMPUncategorizedRapid Model Prototyping
27RMPUncategorizedRapid Models and Prototypes
28RMPCellRapidly Migrating Proteins
29RMPMedicalrapidly miscible pool
30RMPIndiaRare Materials Plant
31RMPSubmarineRare Materials Project
34RMPUncategorizedRashtriya Mahajani Pathshala
35RMPIndiaRashtriya Morcha Party
36RMPUncategorizedRaster Map Product
37RMPScienceRate Measuring Package
38RMPStudentRate My Professors
39RMPFitnessRating of Muscle Pain
40RMPUncategorizedRave Motion Picture 
41RMPUncategorizedRaw Mix Preparation
42RMPUncategorizedReaction Mass Pendulum
43RMPUncategorizedReactor Materials Program
44RMPManagementReadiness Management Period
45RMPUncategorizedReadiness Manning Period
46RMPUncategorizedReady Mobilization Pool
47RMPTechnologyReal Metadata Package
48RMPInformation TechnologyReal Metadata Packet
49RMPAffiliateReal Money Player 
50RMPAffiliateReal Money Players
51RMPInformation TechnologyRealAudio Audio file
52RMPPlayerRealPlayer Metadata Package
53RMPUncategorizedReceive Message Processor
54RMPUncategorizedReciprocating Machinery Protector
55RMPMilitaryRecognized Maritime Picture
56RMPBiochemistryRecombination Mediator Protein
57RMPUncategorizedReconditioned Motors and Parts
58RMPUncategorizedRecord of Monuments and Place
59RMPUncategorizedRecording, Music, Production
60RMPManagementRecords Management and Privacy
61RMPScienceRecords Management Plan
62RMPManagementRecords Management Policies
63RMPNormal BusinessRecords Management Procedures
64RMPEducationRecords Management Program
65RMPUncategorizedRecords management programs
66RMPManagementRecreation Management and Policy
67RMPBackpackingRecreation Management Plan
68RMPSurgeryRectal Mucosal Prolapse
69RMPUncategorizedRecurring Maintenance Program
70RMPASX SymbolsRed Emperor Resources NL
71RMPUncategorizedRed Motion Pictures
72RMPUncategorizedRed Mud Plastic 
73RMPUncategorizedRedeployment Movement Planning
74RMPScienceReduction Modifiable Protein
75RMPAllergyReductive Macrophages
76RMPAccreditationReference Material Producer 
77RMPMedicalReference Measurement Procedure
78RMPMedicalReference Medicinal Product
79RMPClinicalReference Method Procedure
80RMPUncategorizedReference Mitochondrial Profile
81RMPUncategorizedReference Model Parameter
82RMPTechnologyReference Model Processor
83RMPUncategorizedReference Model Project
84RMPPulp And PaperRefiner Mechanical Pulp
85RMPPulpRefiner Mechanical Pulping
86RMPPhilippineRefinery Master Plan
87RMPUncategorizedRefinery Modernisation Project
88RMPTechnicianRefrigerant Management Plan 
89RMPManagementRefrigerant Management Program
91RMPScienceRefrigeration Management Plan
92RMPChildcareRefugee Minor Program
93RMPRiskRegional Management Plan
94RMPMarketingRegional Managing Partner
95RMPMilitaryRegional Maritime Programme
96RMPUncategorizedRegional Marketing Program
97RMPHighlandRegional Master Plan
98RMPMedicalRegional Medical Program
99RMPFsiRegional Medical Psychiatrist
100RMPUncategorizedRegional Mesonet Project
101RMPUncategorizedRegional Military Prosecutor
102RMPUncategorizedRegional Minerals Program
103RMPConveyanceRegional Mobility Plan
104RMPBayRegional Monitoring Program
105RMPCardiologyRegional Myocardial Perfusion
106RMPStock ExchangeRegister Market Participant
107RMPCertificationRegistered Marketing Professional
108RMPTherapyRegistered Massage Practitioner
109RMPUncategorizedRegistered Master Plumber
110RMPMedicineRegistered Medical Practitioner
111RMPPharmaceuticalRegistered Pharmaceutical
112RMPManagementRegistration Management Professional
113RMPUncategorizedRegression-Based Model Prediction
114RMPSteelRegular Modified Polyester
115RMPMedicineRegulatory Management Plan
116RMPUncategorizedReiki Master Practitioner
117RMPDesireReiss Motivation Profile
118RMPEngineeringRelationship Management Plan
119RMPBankingRelationship Management Program
120RMPGeneticRelative Map Position
121RMPUncategorizedRelative Market Power
122RMPBotanyRelative Membrane Permeability
124RMPSciencerelativistic model potential
125RMPUncategorizedRelay Motor Protection
126RMPUncategorizedRelay, Manual, Prompt
127RMPTechnologyRelease Management Process
128RMPUncategorizedReliability Monitor Program
129RMPTechnologyReliable Multicast Protocol 
130RMPUncategorizedReliable Multicasting Protocol
131RMPDentistryReliance Metal Primer
132RMPArmyReligious Ministry Professional
133RMPUncategorizedRemedial Management Plan
134RMPUncategorizedRemind Me Please
135RMPUncategorizedRemote Maintenance Panel
136RMPComputingRemote Maintenance Processor
137RMPTechnologyRemote Maintenance Protocol
138RMPUncategorizedRemote Management Processor
139RMPTechnologyRemote Meter Pulsing
140RMPMilitaryRemote Monitor Panel 
141RMPPowerRemote Monitoring Panel
142RMPUncategorizedRenaissance Man Productions
143RMPPoliticsRenovated Mediterranean Policy
144RMPDentistryRepeated Model Procedures
145RMPInformation TechnologyReprogrammable Micro Processor
146RMPEducationalResearch Mentorship Program
147RMPManagementReserve Management Period
148RMPOilReservoir Management Plan
149RMPEngineeringReservoir Monitoring Program
150RMPUncategorizedResidency Matching Plan
151RMPPulp And PaperResidential Mixed Paper
152RMPUncategorizedResist Mastering Preparation
153RMPPerturbationResonant Magnetic Perturbation
154RMPUncategorizedResource for Money Power
155RMPHydrologyResource Management Plan
156RMPPublicsResource Management Planning
157RMPManagementResource Management Plans
158RMPUncategorizedResource of Money and Power
159RMPUncategorizedResponsible Master Plumber
160RMPRestaurantsRestaurant Meals Program
161RMPPharmaceuticalResting Membrane Potential
162RMPUS GovernmentResuscitative Medicine Program
163RMPUncategorizedRetail Maintenance Program
164RMPUncategorizedRevelation Mural Project
165RMPEducationalReviews in Mathematical Physics
166RMPEducationalReviews of Modern Physics
167RMPManagementRevised Management Procedure
168RMPUncategorizedRevolutionary Marxist Party
169RMPUncategorizedRice Midstream Partners
170RMPArmyRisk Management Plan
171RMPManagementRisk Management Planning
172RMPMedicalRisk Management Plans
173RMPManagementRisk Management Practice
174RMPTechnologyRisk Management Process
175RMPBusinessRisk Management Professional
176RMPTechnologyRisk Management Program
177RMPNASARisk Mitigation Phase
178RMPUncategorizedRobert Mann Packaging
179RMPEducationalRobotic Mobility Platforms
180RMPEducationalRobotics Mobility Platform
181RMPCompanies or OrganizationsRocky Mountain Photographer
182RMPVeterinaryRocky Mountain Population
183RMPUncategorizedRocky Mountain Power
184RMPUncategorizedRocky Mountain Prep
185RMPManagementRotational Management Program
186RMPTransportationRotorcraft Master Plan
187RMPArmyRoyal Army Police Force
188RMPMalaysiaRoyal Malaysian Police 
189RMPParks & RecreationRoyal Manor Park
190RMPMilitary RankRoyal Military Police
191RMPPolice ForceRoyal Mounted Police Force
192RMPCompanies or OrganizationsRural Market Place
193RMPMedicalRural Medical Practitioners
194RMPEscortRussian Massage Parlor

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