IPL 2021: Ishan Kishan highlights the special text written on all his bats

Ishan Kishan had a successful season for Mumbai Indians in the 2020 season of the Indian Premier League. He had sent a message to the Indian selectors that he was ready, scoring over 500 runs in the UAE. Despite the start of the 2021 season, Kishan was given a chance to play in the recent Sri Lankan tour.

And like in his T20I debut, where he scored a match-winning half-century, Kishan smashed 59 off 42 balls to stamp his authority. But, with the second leg of IPL 2021 starting in UAE from September 19, Kishan is looking to strengthen his case for the upcoming T20 World Cup squad. In a recent conversation, he was heard talking about the sticker he had on his bat.

Ishaan Kishan reveals that the text on his bat gives him confidence
In a special conversation with the official social media team of Mumbai Indians, Kishan talked about marking his bat. “No, I don’t mark my bat to know which one to use. But yes, I always know which one to pick. I don’t have my debut bat here. I sent it to SG Because I want three more bats like this to be played. If you have too many bats you get confused. You don’t know which one to play with. Now I am confused which bat to play with! ,” said Kishan.

He further said that ‘Om Sai Nath’ is written on all his bats. It is a phrase associated with spiritual beliefs. “Let me get a new bat today, what to say? All my bats have “Om Sai Nath” written on them because I believe in them. I tell him to put it on his bat because I love it, it gives me confidence,” said Ishaan Kisha.

Kishan also talked about his style of batting. The left-handed batsman had hit a six off his first ball on the ODI stage. Explaining what his coaches have advised him, the Jharkhand player revealed that everyone has asked him to watch the ball. With the kind of confidence Kishan has shown with the bat at the international level so far, he looks like a huge prospect for the future of Indian cricket.

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